Considerations for Starting Your Own Natural Beauty Spa

If you are already working in a spa or salon, you may have dreams of owning your own one day. Though this may sound like an easy task, there are several things to keep in mind. This is especially true if you want to specialize in operating a natural beauty salon or spa. Here are a few things to consider, including special beauty school certifications you may need, experience, and marketing of your new business.

Natural Beauty Certifications

One of the first things you need to consider about opening your own natural beauty spa are the courses and certifications you may need. There is a misconception that because you have already attended beauty schools in the past, this qualifies you for natural beauty as well. The truth is, your clients will look for certain certifications to back up your natural beauty ability and claims. For example, beauty schools may offer courses specifically in using organic hair colours and pigments. You may find other courses as well in natural spa services such as hot stone therapy, massage, and natural facial techniques. These are all services your clients will look for and expect to see some background in.

Natural Beauty Experience

It may seem like common knowledge that you would need experience in natural beauty techniques, but the question comes in with how much experience and where to obtain it. You may already have some experience from working in your current salon or through spas in the area. The trick is that you need to have as much experience as possible in the specific types of natural beauty you want to work with. This may mean seeking out internships and other methods to obtain that experience. Ideally, you would want to have references for this experience as well as a portfolio showcasing your work with before and after shots of the clients.

Another method you may want to consider is to go to trade shows where you can be seen performing your services. You may also want to seek out bloggers and social media influencers who can provide small write-ups in exchange for your services. This kind of publicity can showcase your work and show your background easily to your clients.

Natural Beauty Marketing

Once you have your portfolio and your certifications lined up, as well as the location for your business and licensing, you may want to consider marketing as well. Marketing through social media is an ideal method since most of this can be done for free simply by doing videos and posting to social media. You can also use fundraisers and other community sponsored efforts as a way to market your business. Simply by participating in these community efforts and fundraisers, you put your name out there and let others know about your business. You can also promote the beauty school you attend and possibly gain some referral bonuses for your efforts.

These are just a few of the things to consider if you are thinking of starting your own natural beauty salon. For more ideas, lists of natural beauty certifications, and information on getting started, consider visiting your local beauty school career counseling center or representative.

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Tips To Help You Choose An Advanced Pedicure Chair That Enhances Your Clients’ Comfort

An advanced pedicure chair has a lot to offer with regard to your clients’ comfort besides a place to sit on. There are advanced features for pedicure chairs that greatly increase customer comfort and enhance the experience. Below are guidelines and tips to help you choose the right features that will enhance the comfort of your pedicure chair. 

Advanced Massage Features

When buying a pedicure chair for your salon, inquire from your salon equipment supplier about the features present. Also, request for an illustration of how to operate the massage nodules, so that you can learn the do’s and don’ts. Remember that sometimes some equipment manuals may not be easy to understand, and an illustration from the provider will help you understand the operation of the chair easily.  

Some advanced features to look out for include lumbar vibrations that massage the back. Some chairs can offer the automated massages to isolated parts of the body. So, your clients can choose to have full back massages or choose to concentrate on one area. A chair that has varying massage capabilities will help you satisfy varying needs of different customers.    

Flexible Adjustable Features

One way of optimizing clients’ comfort is allowing them to relax throughout the session or for the most part of a pedicure session. You don’t want to keep asking your customer to shift sideways, stand several times or turn every other time. So invest in a pedicure chair with advanced adjustment capabilities. 

Proper leg and foot positioning is one important feature and can be achieved with a pedicure chair that allows for extensive adjustments of the foot pedals. Also, a chair that can be adjusted to match up with the height of a client will offer clients more comfort. You may want to go for an adjustable chair with a hydraulic pump and a capacity of up to 500 pounds, advises DSSE.

Use Disposable Liners

The degree of hygiene you maintain in your salon will affect your clients’ comfort. Use of disposable liners for your pedicure chair’s foot basin is one way of advancing the hygiene in your salon. The liners prevent lodging of dirt in the foot basin with every pedicure session completed.

When buying a pedicure chair, it’s advisable to choose one that uses disposable liners for the foot basin. Remember to inquire from your salon supplies provider the best type of disposable liners to purchase.

Investing in a pedicure chair that offers your clients maximum comfort will yield loyalty and likely attract more clients. The tips above on advanced pedicure chairs may come in handy for you when buying pedicure equipment for your salon.

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Painless hair removal

Many people are worried by the thought of pain when they contemplate hair removal techniques. Here are some options for pain-free hair removal. 


Shaving is one of the most popular pain-free hair removal techniques. It involves using a sharp blade edge to cut off the hair at the root. This can involve standard razors over large areas such as legs, face and arm pits as well as micro (precision) blades which can be used to remove hair from smaller areas including the lips and eyebrows. This is an easy and simple treatment to do at home. The best time to shave is just after the shower when your hair is extra soft and hydrated. Choosing a glycerin based shaving cream can also help by hydrating the hair and helping it stand up. 

Downsides include the potential for small nicks and abrasions to the skin, as well as sensitivity to the skin (‘shaving rash’) and the short duration of hairlessness before the hair grows back. 

Chemical hair removal

There are various skin creams on the market that use chemical treatments to dissolve the hair at or just below the skin level. These are also pain free. This is relatively easy and does not run a risk of cuts and abrasions which can be common on the round parts of the body. 

The treatments can be relatively expensive and can run the risk of rashes and skin irritation on sensitive skin. (There are special sensitive skin formulas available for genital and facial hair removal). The treatments tend to last about as long as shaving. The creams often have quite a strong chemical odour which some people can find irritating and off-putting. 

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is another option for painless hair removal. It works by zapping the hair root with a strong laser beam which stops the hair from regrowing. The hair removal tends to be most effective when there is a high contrast between the skin colour and the hair colour, such as with people with dark hair and light skin. The technicians can use their skills to set the laser to a strong enough yet pain-free level to remove the hair. This treatment is relatively expensive but is close to permanent after a few sessions, although you may require top up sessions every few years to ensure your skin remains smooth and hair free.

If you are worried about the pain associated with hair removal, there are a range of different pain-free options available at different price points and with different duration of hairlessness. Why not ask a beauty technician for advice that will suit your skin?

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Tips On Tackling Thinning Hair During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, some women may find that their hair becomes thinner and seems to lose its body and bounce.  Although this is usually due to hormonal changes and should rectify itself after your baby has been born, there are steps you can take to maximise volume and make your hair appear thicker.  Read on for some helpful tips.

Include more iron in your diet

Sometimes, a lack of iron in your diet can cause anaemia, which in turn may lead to hair loss.  Keep your iron levels topped-up by eating plenty of leafy greens and other iron rich foods, including:

  • kale
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • beans
  • red meat
  • liver

Have regular scalp massages

Scalp massage may help to prevent thinning of the hair by temporarily stimulating increased blood circulation to the hair follicles.  This means that your hair will receive an increased supply of nutrients, which could encourage healthy growth and prevent hair loss.  Many hair and beauty salons offer scalp massage to their clients, so it’s a good idea to ask hairdressers in your area if they provide this service.

Alternatively, spend a few minutes each day gently massaging your scalp.  To do this, just apply gentle pressure to your scalp with your fingers and move them around slowly in a circular motion.

Take care when brushing and styling your hair

It’s quite normal for a few hairs to come out during daily brushing, but you can minimise this natural loss by using a flat paddle brush made of boar bristles or very flexible, soft nylon.  Avoid using round metal or plastic bristle brushes, which can tangle individual strands of hair and pull them out.

If possible, allow your hair to dry naturally and steer clear of using heated styling tools, such as straighteners or tongs.  Heat can cause your hair to split and become very dry, making it appear thinner and less voluminous.

Try a different hair style

A change of hair style can really help to disguise thinning hair.  One simple technique that works well is to change the direction of your parting.  This is because a parting that is always on the same side can cause the hair to lie flat, whereas changing the direction encourages it to stand away from your scalp, giving the illusion of more volume.

Another good way of maximising your tresses is to have your hair re-styled into a shorter cut.  The use of multiple layers will also help to cover up thinning areas over your scalp and make your hair look much thicker.

Well-placed highlights are useful for hiding thinning hair, as they can help visible areas of your scalp to blend with your hair, rather than standing out.  In addition, the hair dye used can cause the hair shaft to expand slightly, making the strands appear thicker.  

In conclusion 

If you’re pregnant and your hair is thinning, follow the tips above to help maximise volume and control hair loss.  Ask a good hairdresser in your area for more advice on styles that might help to disguise the problem.

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Doing your own eyelash tinting at home

Eyelash tinting is a great way to increase the definition of your eyes even when you aren’t wearing any makeup. It can help your eyes look larger and more awake. While traditionally eyelash tinting done in a spa or salon there are a growing number of products available that allow you to dye your lashes at home. Here are some tips if you want to give it a try. 

Choose a specific eyelash tinting dye

While it may seem cost effective to use a little left over hair dye to dye your eyelashes this is very dangerous. As the dye can potentially get into your eye during application you want to avoid any products which are not specifically labelled for eyes, as these could cause injury or even blindness. Salon applied eyelash dyes are often mild vegetable based dyes which are very safe for use around eyes. 

Remove all mascara or eye product

Wax and oil based ‘waterproof’ mascaras can be hard to fully remove, but if any traces are left behind this can affect how well the dye can cling to the lashes. Be sure to fully remove any traces of product before you start dying. 

Carefully place eye safe barrier cream around the lashes

The eye lash dye can also often dye skin. While having a second person apply the dye, as happens in a salon, makes an accurate application easier with at home treatments it’s all too easy to get a splotch of dye around the lash line. Barrier cream stops any unintended dye from reaching the skin. Choose an eye safe barrier cream to apply on this delicate skin. 

It can often be easier to get a friend to help you apply the dye to get a more accurate application. Why not take it in turns and have a spa day pampering each other!

Wait the recommended time and wash off

It can be tempting to leave the dye longer to get a more vivid hue but this is not a good idea as it can potentially damage your lashes. Gently wash the excess dye off when the time is done and enjoy your new lashes.

If it seems too hard to apply your own eyelash tinting at home, salon tinting is an affordable way to get the eyelashes you have been dreaming off. Salon professionals use higher quality products than you can purchase at the store and have more experience evenly applying product so often get even better results in the salon that you can get at home.  

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Clothes That Look Great and Keep you Cool in Humid Weather

In many places in Australia, the summer weather is extremely humid. The amount of moisture in the air can make it even more difficult to cool down than normal. It’s a good idea to stay out of the sun as much as possible and to crank up the air conditioning in your home to experience some dry, cool air, but it’s not possible to avoid the outdoors completely. So what kind of apparel works for particularly humid days in Australia to keep your body temperature down while allowing you to look chic at the same time?

Choose clothes that fall away from the body. The last thing that you want to wear in the summertime is form-fitting clothes. The close contact with your body will only make your body temperature rise and cause you to sweat a lot. Many people think that loose clothes won’t look as good, but this is totally not the case – you can still look fashion forward and wear loose apparel. For example, you can wear a crepe dress with a stunning geometric pattern or a loose cotton poncho.

Opt for some black summer staples. If you are the kind of person whose wardrobe is filled up with black staples, you might feel sad about having to say goodbye to your black clothes during the heat of the summer months. But actually, the idea that black clothes will make you feel hotter is a total lie. White clothing reflects heat, and in the summer there is a whole lot of heat coming off your body. When you wear white, your body heat gets bounced back and absorbed by your body, causing you to overheat. When you wear black, however, the heat from your body will be absorbed by the material.

Experiment with cutout clothing. Clothing with cutouts is not only a huge trend at the moment, but it will also make you feel cooler throughout the summer months. The cutout trend is exactly what is says on the tin: pieces of fabric have shapes cut out of them to form an interesting design. As well as creating a design statement, this trend also allows more air to reach the body and cool you down. For something a little more safe, you should be able to find loose t-shirts and tops with side cut-outs, or you can go for something more daring with cutouts in the front if you really want to stand out this summer. 

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3 Reasons to Utilize Uniforms in the Workplace

Regardless of the type of business you have, you might be thinking about having corporate uniforms. There are many types of uniforms, from matching tops and bottoms to providing a work shirt to every employee, but letting them choose their own slacks. Here are some reasons to consider uniforms in the workplace.

Uniforms Advertise Your Company 

When you own your own business, branding is a very important part of advertising your business. When all of your employees are wearing corporate uniforms, that automatically becomes part of your brand. Not just because they all wear recognizable uniforms, but because these uniforms often have logos of your company and possibly even the tagline of your business somewhere on the uniforms. It can become free advertising not just in the place of business, but when employees run errands after work or go out for lunch while still wearing their uniform.

You Can Increase Workplace Security

Corporate uniforms are a great way to tell the difference between employees and customers. It is important to have this distinction if there is an emergency and you are trying to find someone in the store or place of business that committed a crime. For example, if there is a theft, you might only have a basic description of the individual. It is much easier to find that thief in the store or parking lot when you are ignoring everyone that is wearing a corporate uniform. It is also good in an office environment where you don’t usually allow general public into the office; you will see a non-employee is present immediately.

It Makes it Easy to Stick to Dress Code Policies

When all of your employees have the same uniform on during business operations, you don’t have a need for posting many dress code policies. These dress ode can be difficult to right in a way where you allow employees the freedom to dress as individuals, while also maintaining proper code of ethics. You eliminate these issues when all employees are required to wear the same thing each day. It also takes all the guesswork out of what might be appropriate. Employees know what to wear each day and are also benefiting by not having to buy clothes specifically for work.

It is also a good idea to run a survey with your employees so you can figure out what their thoughts are on having a uniform requirement (for more information, contact companies like Hot Cotton).

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How to Decide Which Hair Extension Method is Right For You

Are you eager for longer hair but don’t have the time to wait for natural growth? Are you looking for a temporary fix to short hair for a special event or big day? If so, hair extensions can be the solution to your problems. In addition to coming in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, and styles, extensions can be applied in both temporary and permanent methods to suit your needs. Choosing the right one though can be a bit tricky. Make sure to check out the following guide for a few answers to your most pressing questions.

Sew-In Extensions

This method requires the expertise of a hair stylist and is done by first braiding a thin row of the client’s hair that will serve as the base. The extensions are then attached by tightly sewing them into this braid. This is a permanent method and can last as long as a client would like with regular touch-ups and re-tightening. It should be noted though that this method doesn’t work with certain hairstyles, as thin or less-durable hair may not withstand the stress and weight of extensions.


For those looking for temporary extensions, clip-ins are perfect for a big date or prom night. Certain kinds can be bought cheaply at your local beauty supply and can be applied at home, but certain clients may also ask for their hairdresser’s help to achieve the perfect application and quality. Clip-ins can also be used to increase volume or texture. Although synthetic extensions are available, real hair is preferable by far.


Another temporary method, halos are an alternative to clip-ins. As the name suggests, a thin circular wire contains the extensions and is placed under the natural hair of the client. This option is only for night’s out and not for daily use as it is only secured by the weight of the hair over it.


Tape-in extensions are similar to sew-ins, but they require clients to come in more often for re-installation. They also require the expertise of a hair stylist and involve a small glue strip that is lightly heated before applying to the head. Heavy conditioners or hair products can loosen the extensions, but these extensions can be great to add mild volume and thickness to an already long head of hair.

While the above guide only mentions four possible hair extension methods, if you’re still looking for something a bit different, make sure to talk to your hair stylist about adding length, volume, or color.

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