How to Decide Which Hair Extension Method is Right For You

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Are you eager for longer hair but don't have the time to wait for natural growth? Are you looking for a temporary fix to short hair for a special event or big day? If so, hair extensions can be the solution to your problems. In addition to coming in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, and styles, extensions can be applied in both temporary and permanent methods to suit your needs. Choosing the right one though can be a bit tricky. Make sure to check out the following guide for a few answers to your most pressing questions.

Sew-In Extensions

This method requires the expertise of a hair stylist and is done by first braiding a thin row of the client's hair that will serve as the base. The extensions are then attached by tightly sewing them into this braid. This is a permanent method and can last as long as a client would like with regular touch-ups and re-tightening. It should be noted though that this method doesn't work with certain hairstyles, as thin or less-durable hair may not withstand the stress and weight of extensions.


For those looking for temporary extensions, clip-ins are perfect for a big date or prom night. Certain kinds can be bought cheaply at your local beauty supply and can be applied at home, but certain clients may also ask for their hairdresser's help to achieve the perfect application and quality. Clip-ins can also be used to increase volume or texture. Although synthetic extensions are available, real hair is preferable by far.


Another temporary method, halos are an alternative to clip-ins. As the name suggests, a thin circular wire contains the extensions and is placed under the natural hair of the client. This option is only for night's out and not for daily use as it is only secured by the weight of the hair over it.


Tape-in extensions are similar to sew-ins, but they require clients to come in more often for re-installation. They also require the expertise of a hair stylist and involve a small glue strip that is lightly heated before applying to the head. Heavy conditioners or hair products can loosen the extensions, but these extensions can be great to add mild volume and thickness to an already long head of hair.

While the above guide only mentions four possible hair extension methods, if you're still looking for something a bit different, make sure to talk to your hair stylist about adding length, volume, or color.