Clothes That Look Great and Keep you Cool in Humid Weather

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In many places in Australia, the summer weather is extremely humid. The amount of moisture in the air can make it even more difficult to cool down than normal. It's a good idea to stay out of the sun as much as possible and to crank up the air conditioning in your home to experience some dry, cool air, but it's not possible to avoid the outdoors completely. So what kind of apparel works for particularly humid days in Australia to keep your body temperature down while allowing you to look chic at the same time?

Choose clothes that fall away from the body. The last thing that you want to wear in the summertime is form-fitting clothes. The close contact with your body will only make your body temperature rise and cause you to sweat a lot. Many people think that loose clothes won't look as good, but this is totally not the case – you can still look fashion forward and wear loose apparel. For example, you can wear a crepe dress with a stunning geometric pattern or a loose cotton poncho.

Opt for some black summer staples. If you are the kind of person whose wardrobe is filled up with black staples, you might feel sad about having to say goodbye to your black clothes during the heat of the summer months. But actually, the idea that black clothes will make you feel hotter is a total lie. White clothing reflects heat, and in the summer there is a whole lot of heat coming off your body. When you wear white, your body heat gets bounced back and absorbed by your body, causing you to overheat. When you wear black, however, the heat from your body will be absorbed by the material.

Experiment with cutout clothing. Clothing with cutouts is not only a huge trend at the moment, but it will also make you feel cooler throughout the summer months. The cutout trend is exactly what is says on the tin: pieces of fabric have shapes cut out of them to form an interesting design. As well as creating a design statement, this trend also allows more air to reach the body and cool you down. For something a little more safe, you should be able to find loose t-shirts and tops with side cut-outs, or you can go for something more daring with cutouts in the front if you really want to stand out this summer.