Doing your own eyelash tinting at home

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Eyelash tinting is a great way to increase the definition of your eyes even when you aren't wearing any makeup. It can help your eyes look larger and more awake. While traditionally eyelash tinting done in a spa or salon there are a growing number of products available that allow you to dye your lashes at home. Here are some tips if you want to give it a try. 

Choose a specific eyelash tinting dye

While it may seem cost effective to use a little left over hair dye to dye your eyelashes this is very dangerous. As the dye can potentially get into your eye during application you want to avoid any products which are not specifically labelled for eyes, as these could cause injury or even blindness. Salon applied eyelash dyes are often mild vegetable based dyes which are very safe for use around eyes. 

Remove all mascara or eye product

Wax and oil based 'waterproof' mascaras can be hard to fully remove, but if any traces are left behind this can affect how well the dye can cling to the lashes. Be sure to fully remove any traces of product before you start dying. 

Carefully place eye safe barrier cream around the lashes

The eye lash dye can also often dye skin. While having a second person apply the dye, as happens in a salon, makes an accurate application easier with at home treatments it's all too easy to get a splotch of dye around the lash line. Barrier cream stops any unintended dye from reaching the skin. Choose an eye safe barrier cream to apply on this delicate skin. 

It can often be easier to get a friend to help you apply the dye to get a more accurate application. Why not take it in turns and have a spa day pampering each other!

Wait the recommended time and wash off

It can be tempting to leave the dye longer to get a more vivid hue but this is not a good idea as it can potentially damage your lashes. Gently wash the excess dye off when the time is done and enjoy your new lashes.

If it seems too hard to apply your own eyelash tinting at home, salon tinting is an affordable way to get the eyelashes you have been dreaming off. Salon professionals use higher quality products than you can purchase at the store and have more experience evenly applying product so often get even better results in the salon that you can get at home.