Tips On Tackling Thinning Hair During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, some women may find that their hair becomes thinner and seems to lose its body and bounce.  Although this is usually due to hormonal changes and should rectify itself after your baby has been born, there are steps you can take to maximise volume and make your hair appear thicker.  Read on for some helpful tips.

Include more iron in your diet

Sometimes, a lack of iron in your diet can cause anaemia, which in turn may lead to hair loss.  Keep your iron levels topped-up by eating plenty of leafy greens and other iron rich foods, including:

  • kale
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • beans
  • red meat
  • liver

Have regular scalp massages

Scalp massage may help to prevent thinning of the hair by temporarily stimulating increased blood circulation to the hair follicles.  This means that your hair will receive an increased supply of nutrients, which could encourage healthy growth and prevent hair loss.  Many hair and beauty salons offer scalp massage to their clients, so it's a good idea to ask hairdressers in your area if they provide this service.

Alternatively, spend a few minutes each day gently massaging your scalp.  To do this, just apply gentle pressure to your scalp with your fingers and move them around slowly in a circular motion.

Take care when brushing and styling your hair

It's quite normal for a few hairs to come out during daily brushing, but you can minimise this natural loss by using a flat paddle brush made of boar bristles or very flexible, soft nylon.  Avoid using round metal or plastic bristle brushes, which can tangle individual strands of hair and pull them out.

If possible, allow your hair to dry naturally and steer clear of using heated styling tools, such as straighteners or tongs.  Heat can cause your hair to split and become very dry, making it appear thinner and less voluminous.

Try a different hair style

A change of hair style can really help to disguise thinning hair.  One simple technique that works well is to change the direction of your parting.  This is because a parting that is always on the same side can cause the hair to lie flat, whereas changing the direction encourages it to stand away from your scalp, giving the illusion of more volume.

Another good way of maximising your tresses is to have your hair re-styled into a shorter cut.  The use of multiple layers will also help to cover up thinning areas over your scalp and make your hair look much thicker.

Well-placed highlights are useful for hiding thinning hair, as they can help visible areas of your scalp to blend with your hair, rather than standing out.  In addition, the hair dye used can cause the hair shaft to expand slightly, making the strands appear thicker.  

In conclusion 

If you're pregnant and your hair is thinning, follow the tips above to help maximise volume and control hair loss.  Ask a good hairdresser in your area for more advice on styles that might help to disguise the problem.