Painless hair removal

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Many people are worried by the thought of pain when they contemplate hair removal techniques. Here are some options for pain-free hair removal. 


Shaving is one of the most popular pain-free hair removal techniques. It involves using a sharp blade edge to cut off the hair at the root. This can involve standard razors over large areas such as legs, face and arm pits as well as micro (precision) blades which can be used to remove hair from smaller areas including the lips and eyebrows. This is an easy and simple treatment to do at home. The best time to shave is just after the shower when your hair is extra soft and hydrated. Choosing a glycerin based shaving cream can also help by hydrating the hair and helping it stand up. 

Downsides include the potential for small nicks and abrasions to the skin, as well as sensitivity to the skin ('shaving rash') and the short duration of hairlessness before the hair grows back. 

Chemical hair removal

There are various skin creams on the market that use chemical treatments to dissolve the hair at or just below the skin level. These are also pain free. This is relatively easy and does not run a risk of cuts and abrasions which can be common on the round parts of the body. 

The treatments can be relatively expensive and can run the risk of rashes and skin irritation on sensitive skin. (There are special sensitive skin formulas available for genital and facial hair removal). The treatments tend to last about as long as shaving. The creams often have quite a strong chemical odour which some people can find irritating and off-putting. 

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is another option for painless hair removal. It works by zapping the hair root with a strong laser beam which stops the hair from regrowing. The hair removal tends to be most effective when there is a high contrast between the skin colour and the hair colour, such as with people with dark hair and light skin. The technicians can use their skills to set the laser to a strong enough yet pain-free level to remove the hair. This treatment is relatively expensive but is close to permanent after a few sessions, although you may require top up sessions every few years to ensure your skin remains smooth and hair free.

If you are worried about the pain associated with hair removal, there are a range of different pain-free options available at different price points and with different duration of hairlessness. Why not ask a beauty technician for advice that will suit your skin?