Tips To Help You Choose An Advanced Pedicure Chair That Enhances Your Clients' Comfort

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An advanced pedicure chair has a lot to offer with regard to your clients' comfort besides a place to sit on. There are advanced features for pedicure chairs that greatly increase customer comfort and enhance the experience. Below are guidelines and tips to help you choose the right features that will enhance the comfort of your pedicure chair. 

Advanced Massage Features

When buying a pedicure chair for your salon, inquire from your salon equipment supplier about the features present. Also, request for an illustration of how to operate the massage nodules, so that you can learn the do's and don'ts. Remember that sometimes some equipment manuals may not be easy to understand, and an illustration from the provider will help you understand the operation of the chair easily.  

Some advanced features to look out for include lumbar vibrations that massage the back. Some chairs can offer the automated massages to isolated parts of the body. So, your clients can choose to have full back massages or choose to concentrate on one area. A chair that has varying massage capabilities will help you satisfy varying needs of different customers.    

Flexible Adjustable Features

One way of optimizing clients' comfort is allowing them to relax throughout the session or for the most part of a pedicure session. You don't want to keep asking your customer to shift sideways, stand several times or turn every other time. So invest in a pedicure chair with advanced adjustment capabilities. 

Proper leg and foot positioning is one important feature and can be achieved with a pedicure chair that allows for extensive adjustments of the foot pedals. Also, a chair that can be adjusted to match up with the height of a client will offer clients more comfort. You may want to go for an adjustable chair with a hydraulic pump and a capacity of up to 500 pounds, advises DSSE.

Use Disposable Liners

The degree of hygiene you maintain in your salon will affect your clients' comfort. Use of disposable liners for your pedicure chair's foot basin is one way of advancing the hygiene in your salon. The liners prevent lodging of dirt in the foot basin with every pedicure session completed.

When buying a pedicure chair, it's advisable to choose one that uses disposable liners for the foot basin. Remember to inquire from your salon supplies provider the best type of disposable liners to purchase.

Investing in a pedicure chair that offers your clients maximum comfort will yield loyalty and likely attract more clients. The tips above on advanced pedicure chairs may come in handy for you when buying pedicure equipment for your salon.